The vegan savory product ‘Vegapcic’ is a Serbian traditional product ‘Cevap’ made in a vegan form, completely without meat or any other animal derived components. The idea was to simulate the traditional taste of Serbian ‘Cevap’ to the people who do not consume meat.


Our product is produced from sprouted whole grains and besides the many health advantages and low caloric value, it also has a recognizable taste of a Serbian traditional ‘Cevap’. This product has an advantage of being among few products made out of sprouted grains, and to the best of our knowledge a unique type of a product of this kind in the world.


Our company has previously begun to sprout grains for entirely different reasons, more specifically for producing organic animal feed based on sprouted seeds in order to utilize the seeds more efficiently and be able to achieve animal feed of a more superior quality. In a series of experiments,  besides this, food intended for humans was also produced in trials. Thus became ‘Vegapcic’, which is now packed and already sold in Serbian market, mainly in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The sales is through channels of Organic food stores, Health food stores and  it was also accepted in restaurants specialized in vegetarian cuisine, but also in fast foods specialized in traditional Serbian barbecue as a substitute during feast. For restaurants and fast foods, a burger shaped product was created. This shape has the same composition, only different form, but the sales of this shape of a product has not yet begun.


The raw materials used for production of Vegapcic are acquired locally from domestic producers which guarantees a GMO free product. The main ingredients in this type of product are sprouted grains, garlic, onions, spices and one certified organic binding element.


The production process begins with seed disinfection, followed with sprouting during a specified time interval until the seed reaches a desired stage. Afterwards the sprouts are thermally processed, grinded and mixed with other ingredients, upon which it is shaped in a desired form and packed into containers. In the end, the product is cooled and stored, waiting for a delivery. The product is then shipped to markets, restaurants and fast foods twice a week or according to their needs.

The main target group for this type of product are Vegans and Vegetarians, but also people who for different reasons avoid meat and meat products.